Final Exit Network

Up in Smoke No More

by Jay Niver

“Beattie is a candid, straight-talking but sincere EOL provider who represents the new era of funeral professionals. His business, Endswell Aquamation, embraces America’s changing view of what constitutes respectful, compassionate care for lost loved ones – no matter what the “funeral” may look like.”

“Anne Weston created and runs the Green Burial Project, also based in Hillsborough. She’s more than just an advocate for natural interment – she’s almost a walking resource for anything death related. ‘People need to know they have a choice,” she says. “In general, you will save money on a green burial over a conventional one.’”

“Beattie and Weston are irreverent mavericks in what has traditionaly been a staid, slow-to-adapt industry.”

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