Cost Of Green Burial

Green or Natural Burial Cost


At Endswell, we offer concierge funeral care. This means that we can meet with you in your home or at our office in Hillsborough; or everything can be coordinated remotely.

Unlike many other funeral homes, we obtain death certificates directly from the Register of Deeds office and we hand deliver them to our clients, along with our eco-friendly bamboo urn.

Endswell handles all paperwork and government reporting. We report to the Health Department, the NC Department of Vital Records, and Social Security.

Endswell’s prices are transparent. For $3000.00, we offer one simple Green Burial service that includes everything you need: Transportation to Endswell, coordination with the cemetery, governmental reporting, death certificates, an eco-friendly bamboo urn, and an obituary on our website.

There are many benefits to choosing Natural Burial and Endswell is excited to work with Bluestem Conservation Cemetery, Historic Oakwood in Raleigh, and other local green burial grounds to offer this service. Continue reading to learn more about Green Burial and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Cost of Green Burial Cemetery Plots

The cost of cemetery plots and cemetery fees vary across North Carolina. Families should budget for funeral home fees, the cemetery plot, and the cost to open and close the grave. Endswell’s green burial service is $3000. The cost for a burial plot and cemetery fees will range between $3000 and $5000.

Endswell can you help find a local cemetery that offers Green Burial. We have worked with Bluestem Conservation Cemetery in Cedar Grove and Historic Oakwood in Raleigh. Endswell provides concierge funeral care for green burial at cemeteries throughout North Carolina.

How Green Burial Works

Step 1:

End Of Life

Endswell ensures the safe and careful transportation of the body to our funeral home in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Step 2:

Prepare The Body

The body is shrouded in cotton or silk. If desired, the family will schedule a funeral, viewing, or memorial service. A natural casket is used, if requested.

Step 3:

Coordination With Cemetery

Endswell coordinates with the family and the cemetery to schedule the green burial. We offer concierge funeral care and handle all aspects of the process.

Step 4:

Green Burial / Funeral

Endswell delivers the body to the cemetery, serves as the family’s advocate, and assists the family throughout the process

Step 5:

Documents And Death Certificates

Endswell handles all paperwork and documentation. We report to Social Security and we hand deliver the death certificates to the family.

Why Choose Green Burial?

Simple & Convenient

Endswell offers one simple green burial package. We handle all aspects of the process, including coordinating with the cemetery.


Endswell’s green burial service is $3000 and includes transportation, paperwork, concierge funeral care, and delivery to the cemetery.

Environmentally Friendly

Green burial does not have a carbon footprint and avoids the use of embalming fluid and non-biodegradable caskets.

Honoring Life

Endswell is committed to honoring the families and individuals it serves with dignity, respect, and remembrance.

Green Burial FAQs

What is green burial?

Green burial, also known as a natural burial, is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burial methods. It aims to minimize environmental impact by foregoing the use of embalming chemicals, metal caskets, and concrete burial vaults. Instead, the body is placed in a biodegradable coffin or shroud and buried in a natural setting where it can decompose naturally and contribute to the surrounding ecosystem.

Green burial sites often lack traditional markers such as headstones, and the area may be maintained as a natural woodland or meadow.

This method not only reduces the carbon footprint associated with conventional burials but also preserves natural habitats and encourages the growth of native vegetation.

Why should I choose green burial?

Choosing a green burial is an option that appeals to those looking to reduce their environmental impact, even in death. Here are several reasons why you might consider a green burial:

  1. Environmental Conservation: Green burials avoid the use of toxic embalming fluids, metal caskets, and concrete vaults, all of which can be detrimental to the environment. By using biodegradable materials and natural decomposition, green burials ensure that the burial site remains a sustainable and ecologically balanced habitat.
  2. Natural Return: Green burials emphasize the natural cycle of life and death. The body decomposes naturally, contributing to the soil and aiding plant growth, thus fostering a direct connection with nature.
  3. Cost-Effective: Typically, green burials are less expensive than traditional burials. The costs associated with embalming, elaborate caskets, and vaults are avoided, making it a financially viable option for many families.
  4. Simplicity and Dignity: Many people find the simplicity of a green burial more aligned with their personal values of living a minimalistic and eco-conscious lifestyle. The process tends to be straightforward and dignified, reflecting a respect for the natural process of decomposition.
  5. Legacy of Conservation: Choosing a green burial can be part of leaving a legacy of environmental stewardship. Burial sites often double as protected green spaces, which contribute to the conservation of natural areas for future generations.

If these values resonate with you, a green burial might be an appropriate way to ensure that your final footprint on earth is as gentle and meaningful as possible.

What are the benefits of green burial?

Green burial offers several benefits that appeal to environmental, economic, and personal values:

  1. Environmental Benefits:
    • Reduced Pollution: By avoiding embalming chemicals, which can leach into the ground, green burials prevent soil and water pollution.
    • Conservation of Natural Resources: Green burials use biodegradable caskets or shrouds and do not require concrete vaults, significantly reducing the extraction and consumption of materials.
    • Habitat Preservation: Many green burial sites are maintained as conservation lands, preserving natural habitats and supporting biodiversity.
  2. Economic Benefits:
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Green burials typically cost less than traditional burials because they do not involve costly embalming procedures, expensive caskets, or burial vaults. This makes them a more affordable option for many families.
    • Sustainable Land Use: Investing in a green burial site supports sustainable land management practices that can be more economically viable in the long run compared to traditional cemeteries.
  3. Personal and Social Benefits:
    • Alignment with Personal Values: For those who have lived with a commitment to environmental sustainability, a green burial is a way to extend these values beyond life.
    • Simplicity and Dignity: The straightforward and natural approach of green burials often provides a sense of peace and dignity, reflecting a natural acceptance of the life cycle.
    • Legacy: Choosing a green burial can be seen as leaving a lasting legacy of environmental consciousness and a contribution to the preservation of natural spaces.

These benefits make green burial an attractive option for individuals seeking to make a positive impact on the environment, reduce costs, and honor their personal values in their final arrangements.

What are the environmental impacts of green burial?

Green burial provides several key environmental benefits that make it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial methods:

  1. Reduces Carbon Footprint: Green burials avoid the use of embalming chemicals and metal caskets, which require significant energy and resources to produce. By opting for biodegradable materials, the overall carbon footprint associated with burial is significantly reduced.
  2. Prevents Soil and Water Pollution: Traditional embalming fluids contain formaldehyde and other chemicals that can leach into the soil and groundwater. Green burials, which do not use these chemicals, prevent this type of environmental contamination.
  3. Promotes Natural Decomposition: By using biodegradable coffins or shrouds and foregoing concrete vaults, green burials allow the body to decompose naturally. This process returns nutrients directly to the earth and supports the growth of native vegetation.
  4. Conserves Natural Resources: Green burials eliminate the need for non-renewable resources used in traditional burials such as concrete and metals for caskets and vaults. This helps preserve these resources for other uses where they might be more difficult to replace.
  5. Supports Habitat Preservation: Many green burial sites are part of larger efforts to conserve land and restore habitats. These sites are often maintained as natural woodlands or meadows, which benefits local wildlife and helps maintain biodiversity.
  6. Encourages Sustainable Land Management: Green burial sites often incorporate ecological principles in their management practices, such as using native plants and avoiding pesticides and herbicides, which fosters a healthier ecosystem.

These environmental benefits align with broader efforts to live sustainably and reduce human impact on the planet, making green burial a meaningful choice for environmentally conscious individuals.

What does green burial cost?

Endswell offers one simple green burial service for $3,000 that includes local transportation, shrouding, delivery to the cemetery, death certificates, concierge funeral care, and a dedicated obituary. There are no other hidden fees or costs. Contact Us for more information or call Endswell at 919.907.9777.

How do I work with Bluestem Conservation Cemetery?

Nestled in Cedar Grove, North Carolina, Bluestem Conservation Cemetery offers families an eco-friendly burial alternative that aligns with their environmental values. Partnering with Bluestem, Endswell provides personalized concierge funeral care, guiding families through the process with compassion and attention to detail.

Bluestem’s commitment to conservation ensures that every interment contributes to the restoration of natural habitats, fostering biodiversity and environmental sustainability. Families can find solace in knowing their loved ones rest in harmony with nature.

Endswell’s concierge funeral care streamlines the funeral process, handling logistical details with professionalism and empathy. From legal paperwork to coordinating memorial ceremonies, Endswell ensures families can focus on healing and cherishing memories.

Together, Bluestem Conservation Cemetery and Endswell offer families a meaningful and sustainable alternative to traditional burial practices. With their support, families can navigate the grieving process with grace and dignity, finding comfort in honoring the lives of their loved ones in a tranquil and environmentally-conscious setting.

How do I work with Historic Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh?

Nestled in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina, Historic Oakwood Cemetery stands as a cherished landmark steeped in history and heritage. Established in 1869, this hallowed ground serves as the final resting place for many prominent figures, offering a serene sanctuary for remembrance and reflection. Endswell, renowned for its compassionate funeral care services, partners with Historic Oakwood Cemetery to provide families with dignified support during their time of need.

Historic Oakwood Cemetery holds a special place in the community, serving as a repository of local history and culture. With its tree-lined pathways, ornate monuments, and meticulously manicured gardens, the cemetery offers a tranquil setting for families to honor their loved ones and pay homage to the legacies of those who came before them.

Endswell’s partnership with Historic Oakwood Cemetery extends a tradition of compassionate care and personalized service to families in their time of loss. Whether assisting with funeral arrangements, coordinating burial services, or providing grief support, Endswell’s dedicated team ensures that families receive the support and guidance they need to navigate the funeral process with grace and dignity.

At Historic Oakwood Cemetery, every grave tells a story, and Endswell is committed to helping families preserve and honor those stories with sensitivity and respect. Together, they offer a seamless and compassionate experience, allowing families to find solace in the timeless beauty and historical significance of this cherished landmark.

In conclusion, Endswell’s partnership with Historic Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh exemplifies a shared commitment to honoring heritage and providing compassionate care to families during their time of need. With their combined expertise and dedication, they ensure that every family receives the support and assistance they need to navigate the funeral process with dignity and reverence.

Ready to get started or want to learn more?

Ready to get started or want to learn more?